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Max Payne Gets A Thumbs Down

max payne

Mark Wahlberg’s latest flick, “Max Payne,” receives less than stellar reviews from Entertainment Weekly.

Max Payne has the hollow part down pat, but there’s nothing active about it. It’s just a grindingly inert death-wish thriller in which Max (Mark Wahlberg), a stone-cold detective whose wife and infant were mysteriously murdered, tries to solve the crime and exact his revenge. The movie is a series of glum interrogation scenes that lead nowhere special, with a not-quite-sci-fi urban murkiness that makes it look like someone was trying to shoot Blade Runner in Cleveland.

That’s too bad. I thought it would be a decent movie but I guess I’ll be waiting for it to come out on DVD to check it out.


Arrested 1,000 Times: Just Say “NO!”

This is the dumbest story I’ve ready in a long time:

Henry Earl of Lexington, KY. has been arrested a thousand times since 1992, and every one of the arrests was in Lexington.

Earl’s arrest record has earned him celebrity status.

He has been featured on late night talk shows and several Web sites are devoted to tracking his arrest record.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced him to a thousand days in jail, calling the sentence appropriate, given that it was for Earl’s thousandth arrest.

How can you get yourself arrested 1,000 times?

What a joke the judicial system is in Lexington, KY. He should have been given those 1,000 days and then some a long time ago. Apparently, the Judge Gary Payne, would give this guy a few days in jail and then he’s back on the street.

But after some 1 100+ arrests, I’m thinking they would have started giving him some real jail time. There’s no way he should have been able to bet up to 1,000.

SMH at this crap.

Lady Luck: No Such Thing

I was leaving for work yesterday and my neighbor was out front beaming from ear to ear.

“Hey there!” she said as she waved me over.

“Look at this!”

She was pointing at something on the ground laying on top of her welcome mat.

Me: “Look at that! I guess Lady Luck was on your side this morning.”

“Yes she is!”

She proceeded to pick it up and was almost hopping with joy.

Too bad it didn’t last long.

Her face fell as she said, “It’s going to be a long, long day.”

Awww. I felt bad for her.

But couldn’t resist cracking up in the privacy of my car.

Blogging for Justice: Community Organizers

It’s time for community organizers to stand up.

Apparently Sarah Palin hasn’t the slightest idea what community organizers mean to our neighborhoods.

Let me tell you about my experience:

When I was a teenager, I was a member of my church’s (Mount Moriah Baptist Church) Friday Night Youth Group. With the help of our Youth Pastor, Mr. Johnson, we organized prayer studies, fundraisers, trips to the movies, amusement parks and off-site spiritual retreats for our neighborhood youth.

We also held group sessions where we could talk about our problems within a group of our peers. Sometimes teenagers just need to vent, but they are afraid of ridicule or retaliation. Some are just too afraid to do it in the company of their parents.

We often touched upon how some felt pressured into having sex by their friends and boy/girlfriends. We discussed the difficulties some of our teens were facing due to teen pregnancies and how they were ill prepared for parenthood. We would reach out to troubled teens who were repeatedly in trouble with the law and on one of the most moving moments, two of our youth told their stories of how they were ready to commit suicide before attending our Friday Nigh Youth Group sessions.

I’m sure that like myself, many of us are forever grateful for Mr. Johnson and our church for lending us the space to be ourselves and for not having to find the wrong answers on the city’s streets.

I took that lesson with me and when I arrived at college, I was ready to jump in with both feet. I became a member of the Black Student Union (BSU), a Student Orientation Leader and also became a mentor.

In the BSU, we organized meetings with our fellow students to assist them with their assimilation from high school to college. What may come easy to some was pretty difficult for others. We assisted students in filling out their college applications, showed them where to go for books, how to purchase them from the student buy-back programs and encouraged them to seek out tutors if they fell behind. We left every door open so they would not feel that they were in it alone.

My favorite organization was the Student Orientation Advisory. I felt pride in being a representative of my University, and when the new students arrived every semester, groups of upperclassmen would give tours of the campus, assist the students who were unsure of which classes to choose, we’d give them advice on which dorms and student facilities were closest to campus, and we’d show them around the city and tip them off on which places gave the best student discounts. We organized study groups which in turn, helped all that participated.

All of these organizations gave me a sense of accomplishment because I knew there were several students who needed that guidance. It also introduced automatic friendships and reinforced school spirits. When you have students reaching out to other students, you don’t have to worry about the fear of the unknown, the uncomfortable feelings of alienation, you are instantly embraced by your peers and introduced to your fellow classmates.

During the summer months, I became a mentor for a high school student who was attending the Boston Center for the Arts that year. We became fast friends as I introduced her to radio and broadcast communications. She told me that I changed her life when I took her on a trip to New York so she could visit colleges. She lived in a house with her mother, her nine siblings, her aunt and five other cousins and told me she never thought college was an option. Her confession was that they didn’t have the money to send all the children to college and she thought she needed to get pregnant in order to obtain welfare to get out of her mother’s house. What a sad solution that would have been to a temporary problem.

I showed her that working hard and setting goals would get her to where she wanted to be, and would also open many more doors. She enrolled in college and put herself through undergrad and is now working on her Masters. We have been lifelong friends for fourteen years now.

I am telling you, it is a wonderful gift to share yourself with others without expecting anything back.

I would hate to have gone through life without those activities, those accomplishment, those relationships that have shaped who I am as a person. Had someone come along and cut the funding, or put down what we were doing, myself and many others would have been at a serious disadvantage.

Community organizers are not to be taken lightly. We are the people who shape and mold our peers. Where would we be without the people who stood up and decided to feed their neighbors, or transport the elderly? Or the people who organized neighborhood watches and peace organizations?

Aren’t they considered leaders and community organizers?

Aren’t they just as important, if not moreso than the Governor whom we rarely if ever see on our streets? Tell me, how often does your Governor stop by your home to see if you are hungry or if your lights are on? When has your Governor taken you to work or the grocery store because you didn’t have a car or gas money?

I thought so.

As an adult, I currently volunteer at Project Open Hand and assist with the preparation of meals that will feed the local hungry. I am not here to gloat about any of my deeds, I am here to tell Sarah Palin that I am a community organizer. And pretty proud of it.

Several members of the AfroSpear and the AfroSphere are blogging today to let Sarah Palin know just how important community leaders are. Please stop by and visit us and feel free to share your experience as a leader in your community.


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    A Message of Change?

    I received the following email last night from Joe Biden (Democratic campaign).

    I see that he is jumping right in with both feet and isn’t wasting any time.

    The Democratic Party
    Shae —

    The past two days have been truly extraordinary. I received such a warm welcome as the newest member of the Obama campaign.

    Now that our team is complete, it’s time for our party to unite — as Democrats, as voters, and as Americans committed to change.

    I recorded a short video message about what we need to do in the weeks ahead, and how I plan to help.

    Please take a minute to watch the video and join the movement:

    Barack has built an incredible movement over the past 19 months, and I’m so honored to be part of it.

    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and joining the work that thousands of people all across the country are already doing — reaching out day after day in neighborhoods and communities, connecting with people who are hungry for the change we need.

    This is no ordinary time, and this is no ordinary election. I plan to do everything I can to help Barack take back the White House.

    I don’t need to tell you that John McCain will just bring us another four years of the same. You can’t change America when you supported George Bush‘s policies 95% of the time.

    Barack has the vision and the courage to bring real change to Washington. But even he can’t do this alone.

    Please watch this video and join this incredible movement:

    Thank you,



    I’ve been subscribed to The Democratic Party’s email newsletter for a while and have yet to receive an email from Barack Obama.

    With 10 weeks to go in the campaign, why does this seem odd to me?

    Oops, hold that thought … this email was piggybacking Joe’s:

    The Democratic Party
    Shae —

    The Democratic convention starts today, and my new running mate Joe Biden and I recorded a message about what we all need to do next.

    When we started this campaign, very few people thought we would make it this far.

    But we put our faith in the power of ordinary supporters like you coming together and building a movement for change from the bottom up. And that’s exactly why we’re here.

    I’d like you to watch this special message — and I have a request.

    We have our team, and this week the eyes of the entire country will be on our movement. Now is the time to take the next step and own a piece of this campaign.

    Watch our video message and make a donation of $5 or more today:

    Watch the video

    Over the next four days, the Democratic convention will define what change means and highlight our differences with John McCain to every voter who’s tuning in.

    We’ll show the change we will be bringing the country on the economy, health care, energy, foreign policy, and the issues that affect all Americans.

    But make no mistake about what we’re up against. John McCain has embraced the same old politics of fear, division, and Karl Rove-style attacks — which makes sense coming from someone who’s voted with George Bush literally 95% of the time.

    From the very beginning, this campaign has been in your hands. Now more than ever, we’re counting on you to see it through.

    Watch the video Joe and I recorded and make a donation of $5 or more now:

    Thank you,



    I see they are already tag teaming me… typical politrickers.

    Where’s my purse?

    [I am well aware that these mass messages are generated by a team on the Democratic political party… this post was strictly satire & political opinion.]

    OMG This Is A Cool Marketing Tool!

    I was sitting here reading my emails when I opened one from a friend.

    I thought it was a movie trailer for “Step Brothers Duel.” It was much cooler.

    Like many other marketing tools you can send this to your friend(s) so they can view, but what tripped me out was while they were talking THIS showed up and I was like WTF??

    I was thrown completely off guard and had to do a double take. In the clip (which I originally included, but it only lets you view it once) they are talking about their best friend (who is a he) and then Will Ferrell pulls out a poster of my picture.

    Continue reading “OMG This Is A Cool Marketing Tool!”

    Acohol-Related Hospital Admissions On The Rise

    The UK has seen a 6% spike in the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions.

    Annually, almost a million people (800,000+) are heading to the hospital with injuries and illnesses brought on by drinking. That is about four times the number of alcohol-related admissions from 2007.

    Public Health Minister, Dawn Primarolo, states the “irresponsible and harmful practices” are killing Britain’s residents to the tune of heart disease and stroke caused by excessive drinking.

    The KPMG performed an audit and recommended a complete overhaul of the laws which govern the alcohol industry. This increase may lead to a ban on nightclub and pub happy hours all around the UK. Things are so bad, the UK government accuses Britain of having a problem with binge-drinking.

    Who knew the British could out-drink Americans?

    Computer Fun For Kids

    My kids like to play online games. This photo was colored by my youngest (3-years-old). She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever to use the computer. I found this game on Sheppard’s Software, an online educational program.

    I was browsing around the Kid’s Corner where there are several educational games.

    You can select maps, animals, vocabulary, health, science, math and history games.

    If you are like me and want your children to learn the motor skills it takes to run a computer, but want to make sure they are learning rather than just fooling around, check out Sheppard’s Software.

    Awesome Pavement Drawings

    Check out these awesome pavement drawings. These 3D illusions are drawn by Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner.

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