Be sure to tune into NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams during the week of November 26 – 30. A Special five-part series will air that will look at many issues facing African-American women across the nation.

The range of topics to be covered will include issues from increased health risks to the roles played in the 2008 Presidential race. Below is a summary of each day’s topic:

Monday, November 26: African-American women’s progress in education. Almost two-thirds of current African-American undergraduates are women. The ratio of women to men at black colleges is approximately 7 to 1. More and more African-American women these days are heading their own businesses and NBCs Rehema Ellis will talk to educators, students and businesswomen about why this disparity exists.

Tuesday, November 27: Rehema Ellis will view relationships within the African-American female community. It’s no doubt that the gender disparity in business and education is having an effect on African-American relationships. Some believe the divide is affecting “Black America’s family and social structure.” In the past fifty years, the percentage of African-American women between 25-54 who have never been married has doubled from 20% to 40%. (Compared to just 16% of white women who have never been married today). NBC will speak with members of a Chicago book club and talk about this difference and how it impacts them.

Wednesday, November 28: On this day, Dr. Nancy Snyderman attacks the issue of the rise in breast cancer cases for African-American women. Mortality rates for African-American women are higher than any other racial or ethnic group for nearly every major cause of death, including breast cancer.

Black women with breast cancer are nearly 30% more likely to die from it than any other race. Not to mention that premenopausal black women tend to have a more aggressive form of the disease and are unfortunately less likely to get life-saving treatments. Dr. Snyderman will profile one of the only oncologists in the world who specializes in the treatment of African-American women with breast cancer.

Thursday, November 29: The question is posed: Will race trump gender or gender trump race? NBC takes us to South Carolina where black women used to make up a huge percentage of all democratic primary voters. But, this year there has been a dramatic shift and there is a significant number of black women who are undecided. The topic at hand for this race is of course, black women are torn between choosing the first African-American or first female Presidential candidate.

Friday, November 30: The elephant in the room on this day will be diabetes. Dr. Snyderman will raise the frightening statistic that African-American women are 85% more likely to get diabetes, a major complication for heart disease. And, just like breast cancer, more black women will die from heart disease than any other race of women. Dr. Snyderman profiles a leading expert and a unique church-based outreach program in South Carolina that seeks to spread the word about heart disease risks to black women congregants.

Make sure to catch the series and try to watch with a loved one… with the right information you can help them, or yourself, make better choices.