Jackson, Mississippi Police Chief, Malcolm McMillin, is concerned as to why the case of a missing woman in his city isn’t getting the national attention it deserves.

He suspects race is a factor.

Latasha Norman, a 20-year-old African-American student from Greenville, vanished on November 13 after attending a class at Jackson State University, just one day after her ex-boyfriend, Stanley Cole, was arrested for allegedly assaulting her in the parking lot of a restaurant.

Her car was found on campus but she never returned to her dorm room.

To date, police have charged Latasha’s boyfriend with hitting her last month but claim they have no suspects in the disappearance.

Jackson says the case should get “the same kind of concern” being given to Stacy Peterson, the suburban Chicago woman who’s been missing for three weeks, and thinks the national media may be more interested in the Peterson story because she is Caucasian.