Torrance has a wonderful array of books written in verse, novels and short stories. He began writing as an undergraduate at Morehouse College. Below, is a review of his work:

Rock Star Stud Gigolo is a thrilling collection of stories, told forms the new South. Stories, including the big three, deal with developing and losing relationships with women, but finding comfort in friendship in general. Cutlass Daddy’s and Wicked Ego Strokin’ are political treatise that basically shows how small experiences can end up being life or death situations for young black men. In all of these stories you can feel and see the author’s passion through his unique use of language. These stories are a definite new look into the eyes of black men in the years of the mid 80s.

Other books by Torrance Stephens

A Matter of Attention

Fast and Gamin’

For U Who Left Me While I Slept

Butter Brown