Photo of the B.W. Cooper Housing Project in New Orleans
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The Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) held a meeting on November 29 stating that, in conjunction with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, the demolition of five public housing projects in the area had been rescheduled and would begin on December 15.

The housing projects on the list were are St. Bernard, Lafitte, C.J. Peete, Fisher and B.W. Cooper.

The demolition scheduling had been pushed back due to local and nationwide protests stemming from initial annihilation of one of the projects on November 13. HANO is resuming the demolition in spite of the outcry of residents from the working-class neighborhood of Algiers, while stating their approval of $30 million in contracts with demolition companies to bulldoze the housing units which could have been easily

The plan is to replace these public-housing units with “mixed income” neighborhoods—meaning a mixture of low-income and luxury housing, at least on paper. In other words gentrification has hit New Orleans with a vengeance since hurricane Katrina.

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