Roller Skating

OK I can’t believe I’m going to dat myself like this, but I remember roller skating with the metal skates that had a key. For some reason it ALWAYS had a little too much room between sizes but you’d strap your foot down so tight it didn’t matter.

I remember skaing on those metal skates in the parking lot of the playground once (because the tennis court was being used – that’s the best place to skate) and my friends & I lost the feeling in our feet… you do not want to skate on regular pavement with those metal skates!

Double Dutch

OMG you couldn’t tell me and my girls nothing when it came to double dutch jumproping. You’d have to pull us back into the building at recess and my mother used to have to confiscate the rope to get us in for dinner… oh the good old days.

PS- We couldn’t flip and all that the kids in this picture are doing.. they’re just show off. LOL

Tinker Toys

Although I had my share of Barbies back in the day, I always enjoyed playing with Tinker Toys. They were my hands on experience with building. I’d create all types of buildings and monsters with them. Yeah it’s pretty basic compared to the things kids can build today, but it was good clean fun.. and besides, I was only 7!

Pogo Stick

OK, now to kids these days this will definitely sound like some ancient, boring torture tool… but we had a ton of fun with our pogo sticks. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I used to think this was so great? Hmmm…