1. Who put the broken pencil back in the cup?
2. Why not throw away the pen that has no ink?
3. If the copier say “paper jam” why do people just walk away?
4. How come it takes so long to receive post it’s but I can order a desk and it’ll be here in 24 hours?
5. Why is it always the women who change the Poland Springs 500lb water jug?
6. How come it’s the wierdest people in the office who decorate every single inch of their cubes?
7. How do I say, “No, I don’t want to go to lunch with you”… without hurting someone’s feelings?
8. Doesn’t everyone know taht afternoon meetings mean people are going to SLEEP through them?
9. Shouldn’t people who do not know the format of a business letter be working at McDonalds?
10. Who the hell invented office pot lucks!?
11. Haven’t people realized yet that eating the cafeteria food everyday is the reason why they have no money left by pay day?
12. Why are the corporation heads getting younger and younger and the receptionist are getting older & older?
13. So, HOW did you get this job again???