I am a chronic multi-tasker. Have you ever gone to the store and realized you needed to either go right back, or go to another store in that same vicinity when you reached your home?

I was guilty of doing that often and within the last couple years, I got on myself to start multi-tasking. I have put tasks off until the next day just so I could cross more than one item off my list.

Example: When I go to the gas station, I’ll also wash the car or hit up the post office or take out the trash. I find that if I go get gas and come home, I feel like I’ve wasted a trip. So, when I pick up the groceries, I stop by the bank, check the mail and pay the sitter.

I hate to make multiple trips with gas prices so high, or when I have so many other tasks to take care of.

Shoot, multi-tasking all my ‘to do’ items is the sole reason that I have time to blog these days. 🙂