I can’t believe that Jet Li and Jackie Chan will be in a movie together. I’ll be going to check this out for sure.

I’m really late hearing about this, but on April 18th, the two will star in a flick where an American teenager (Michael Angarano), obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kungfu classics, finds an antique Chinese staff in a pawn shop.

The staff happens to be the legendary weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King, played by Jet Li.

Jason soon finds himself transported back to ancient China where he meets drunken kungfu master, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), who leads him on his quest to return to staff to it’s rightful owner, the Monkey King… except he’s been imprisoned in stone by the evil Jade Warlord, played by Collin Chou, for the past five hundred years.

This movie is bound to be full of exciting kungfu fighting (Jet Li is one of my favorites!), as Jason learns about honor, loyalty and friendship during his journey to return the staff.