Yup. I did it. I took time out of my day and decided to reward myself for… well for being me.

Now, before you start thinking I’m tooting my own horn, let me just say, “Yup I am.” There are too many of us out there working long hours, taking care of the family and never taking time out to thank, congratulate or spoil ourselves.

Sometimes you just gotta do it. So, I did. Wanna hear about it? Here it goes:

1. I went out by myself to the mall. Sound unremarkable? Well trust me it’s a treat. I didn’t have to strap anyone into a car seat, I didn’t have to hang out in the men’s section or the hardware store, and best of all, I didn’t have to worry about taking too long in the shoe department. It was great!

2. I went out with the girls to a comedy show. OMG, I just realized I hardly ever see my friends. We talk all the time on the phone or we email each other, but we rarely get to see each other. So it was definitely a treat to hang out with them.

3. I went to Starbucks. LOL Don’t laugh. I’m so NOT a coffee drinker and I don’t plan to ever use a computer in a Starbucks, but one of my co-workers gave me a Starbucks gift certificate for assisting them with a huge project. SO… I went and bought hot chocolate, a ridiculously delicious piece of cake and read the paper in peace. I need to go back. LOL

4. I gave to charity. Not a special feat in itself since I have always given to charity. But I haven’t been in person in quite a while. I found a local battered women’s shelter not too far from my home and I took over everything I didn’t want, or need that would fit into my SUV. I brought over a dinette set, a love seat w/matching chair, a bag of clothing and two bags of toys. I hope they can use it all.

5. I went to the movie theater. See, sometimes in your daily activities you forget how special some things are. I’ve seen a ton of movies but I rarely get to the movie theater. Plus, I am not too fond of the prices these days, so I found a $1 movie theater a few towns over and I went with hubby to a show. It was fun. And hey, I think I can classify this as a ‘date’ right? Kudos for me!