OK, so as I posted the other day, I was going to embark on my first community project in quite a while (I’m so ashamed…) and my place of choice was Project Open Hand in Midtown.

It was a WONDERFUL experience. The people were great, the atmosphere was one of extreme professionalism. We worked H-A-R-D putting together over 2,000 meals to feed the homless, elderly and poor citizens of Atlanta.

We dished out a main course, veggies, a roll, and 2 separate deserts. I got to find out how the packages are sealed and then we bagged it all up. It took several hours but we had good music, good people and good intentions so the time flew by.

It was a very rewarding day and I signed up to participate twice a month, every other week. I’m going to find another organization to help on the alternative weeks. Wish me luck!

To find out how you can assist Project Open Hand, please go here.