This is the dumbest story I’ve ready in a long time:

Henry Earl of Lexington, KY. has been arrested a thousand times since 1992, and every one of the arrests was in Lexington.

Earl’s arrest record has earned him celebrity status.

He has been featured on late night talk shows and several Web sites are devoted to tracking his arrest record.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced him to a thousand days in jail, calling the sentence appropriate, given that it was for Earl’s thousandth arrest.

How can you get yourself arrested 1,000 times?

What a joke the judicial system is in Lexington, KY. He should have been given those 1,000 days and then some a long time ago. Apparently, the Judge Gary Payne, would give this guy a few days in jail and then he’s back on the street.

But after some 1 100+ arrests, I’m thinking they would have started giving him some real jail time. There’s no way he should have been able to bet up to 1,000.

SMH at this crap.