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Wordless Wednesday: Be Still


Cleaning Inspirations

How do you get motivated to clean your house?

I tend to turn on very loud, very fast dance music. It gets me going and before I know it, I’m cleaning & polishing in full swing.

I had one of these sessions yesterday (6/29/08), and I threw in a Prince CD.. The Hits I, II and The B Sides. I had a ball.

My friends and family understand that I’m a huge Prince fan so whenever I put on his music I’m singing and dancing and behaving as if I’ve been transported to one of his concerts when I play his CDs.

So anyway, I started with the kitchen and dining room while the music rotation included “Sign ‘o’ The Times.” “Diamonds And Pearls,” “Controversy” and
“Dirty Mind.”

When I left the kitchen and dining room they were swept, mopped, windexed, bleached and then some!

In the living room I had a mini-concert with “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” “Little Red Corvette,” “I Would Die 4 U,” Raspberry Beret,” “Kiss,” “Cream,”
and “7.”

It took a little longer in this room because I have to admit, I hate dusting, but I had to dust all the knick knacks and use Murphy’s Wood Oil on all the wood, but thank goodness Prince kept me going.

By the time I finished the bathrooms and the bedrooms, the B Side was in full swing.

So tell me, what gets you motivated when you clean?

Wordless Wednesday: Portrait

Wordless Wednesday: Not Your Average Instrument

Facebook Following MySpace’s Lead

Facebook is taking a page out of MySpace’s book as they hook up with LiveNation. The two companies announced a new Facebook application that will scan your music collection and cross-reference your favorite artists and generate a customized list of upcoming shows that you can post for your friends to see.

Recently, MySpace hooked up with Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group Corp and began selling concert ticket to it’s millions of members.

Facebook is now offering a chance to buy tickets to shows via LiveNation, as they are a live music promoter and venue owner with their own ticketing business.

This means LiveNation will be leaving its long-term relationship with Ticketmaster. Unlike Ticketmaster, LiveNation’s music profiler does not link up with iTunes,, or any other third-party program. A spokesperson says:

“When you sign up for My Live Nation, there’s an area where a user can go and push a button to link their My Live Nation to their music/mp3 library on their computer.”

LiveNation’s app will then divide your favorites into three lists: artists with with upcoming local shows, those with upcoming distant shows and artists who are not currently touring. That’s some pretty useful stuff.

All this will be added to your Facebook Profile for your friends to see which shows you are planning to attend.

Wordless Wednesday: I’ve GOT To Stop Complaining About My Job

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Breeze…

summer breeze

Buying Bulk

Years ago when I moved out on my own I took advantage of BJs Wholesale. I would buy bulk toilet paper, toothpaste, laundry detergent… anything I could find that wasn’t perishable.

I’d shop like that once a month.

It cut down on my trips to the store and to the gas station. My friends & family would always stop by and ask, “Why is your linen closet stocked full of toilet paper & paper towels?” Or they’d say, “You’re never going to need that much soap. Boy are they eating their words!

One marriage and two kids later, I’m still bulk buying. BJs is out of my way so I had to switch up and get a Costco card. I stock up on baby wipes (even though they are not babies anymore) but a toddler and a first grader can still get as dirty as an infant – trust me!

I’ve finally gotten my friends and family to catch on to the bulk shopping. We carpool and fill up carts and stuff the trunk & backseat of the car we ride in that day; they love it when I take my SUV.

The only thing you really have to watch out for is overspending. Because these wholesale stores have so much to offer, you can easily pick up lots of things and forget that you have about 40 of something in one box instead of 4. 🙂

Due To Budget Cuts…

This is your new cubicle.

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